The ENTSafety System:

Developed over a five year period with the input of dozens of ENT Surgeons, the system will allow you to perform laryngoscopy, adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, and other ENT procedures faster and better than the old methods. The ENTSafety System consists of four components: The base stabilizer, the larygoscopy adapter, single-use holster and single-use saline cup. It has been thoughtfully designed to increase patient safety, decrease risk and liability, and reduce procedure time and cost. The System replaces the Mayo stand with a strong and stable anchor for the retractor. The innovative laryngoscopic adapter will capture and firmly hold any chest support in mid-air and at any angle. The surgeon and nurse no longer need to hold the laryngoscope and chest support, often saving significant time during a case.

The cautery handpiece, coblation wand, suction and telescope are placed in the single-use holster, within easy reach each of the surgeon. The scrub nurse is freed to assist in the procedure and instruments are kept cleaner and instantly available. The single-use saline cup attaches to the base support keeping the saline rinse close and convenient without the assistance of the scrub nurse.

The improved organization of the ENT surgical field allows for faster procedures and better patient positioning.