The ENT Surgical Safety System provides stability and organization to your head and neck procedures utilizing four unique components:  

  1. ESSS Stabilizer/Organizer Assembly.   The Stabilizer/Organizer mounts to any standard OR bed side rail via any standard C-Clamp.
  2. ESSS Universal Laryngoscopy Adapter.  The Adapter mounts to the Stabilizer/Organizer and will capture either the Storz Laryngoscopy Chest Support or the Pilling Lewy Chest Support
  3. ESSS Solution Cup.  The sterile cup mounts to the Stabilizer/Organizer.
  4. ESSS Instrument Holster.  The sterile holster mounts to the Stabilizer/Organizer.
    Your facility will require an OR bed with standard side rails and a standard c-clamp.  High performance c-clamps for maximum stability and rigidity are available from ENT Safety.
    The Stabilizer/Organizer and Adapter are stainless steel and may be steam sterilized.  Moving parts are machined to not require lubrication.  
    The organizational Cup and Holster are single use items come packaged in a sterile pack as a set.  The Stabilizer/Organizer bar will accommodate two sets of the disposable components.  
    All components are made entirely in the USA.  FDA registered. CE mark.