"The safety and efficiency of the new Fernot Stabilizer will undoubtedly become the standard of care." - Dr. R. Kassir

Other notable doctor quotes regarding the stabilizer include the following:

"I am not particularly happy with current methods, but it's all I have."

"The feature to allow its use on larger patients is absolutely fantastic!"

"I like the fact that the OR bed can be adjusted up or down without disrupting the surgical field."

"I can't believe something offering so much multi-functionality would be so inexpensive."

"The anesthesia circuit resting in the pre-cut notch allows the anesthesiologist freedom to treat an immediate situation might one arise."

"I would like one for each OR in our Surgi-Center." "I can see this product applied to so many other procedures."

"The laryngoscopy adapter is so creative and yet so practical."

"This will make a great replacement for my mayo stand and mustard table!"

"This product is elegant in its simplicity...I just wish I had thought of it!

"It is absolutely necessary for all oral surgeons to use this product." "It just makes total sense."